Des Moines Drain Cleaning

It is a fact that occasionally even the perfect household must face some unfortunate problems. There are times when these problems are unavailable, but for those who are lucky they usually come and go without leaving any trace behind, if confronted on time. One of the most frequent problems that seem to distress desperate housewives is when they have to clean a clogged pipe. The plumbing system is of course the basis of every modern house and climbs to the top of the most used innovations and therefore the most troublesome.

Hair, grease and food are among many materials that can cause a clogged pipe. Another reason can be pipe’s size. Most modern apartment buildings use small types of pipes, which mean that even the smallest clog is able to back up drain’s flow. The easiest part in a clogged pipe situation is to identify one. You will understand when is time to clean a clogged pipe, when your sink stars to fill up with water when normally it should go down and is a sign that a clog is blocking water’s way out. The faster the sink fills up with water, the closer to the water main the clog is.

Now, if you are handy with plungers that is one way to remove clogs. All you have to do is place the plunger over the drain, pull and depress it as many times in a row you can. This will free the clogs trapped in the drain and clean the clogged pipe. In addition, you can add some hot water to soften the clogs. If the clogs are stuck in the drain, it will take something more effective than just hot water. You can always refer to traditional drain cleaning ways that are made of products you probably already keep in the household and are friendly to the environment. The most common drain cleaner is baking soda. Just mix baking soda with hot water and pour it over the drain. You can to do that twice to make sure it will remove the clogs completely. After a couple of minutes, pour cold water to see the results.

Another drain cleaning technique that is proved effective is using vinegar that helps to dissolve clogs, since it is considered a weak acid. Simply mix baking soda and vinegar and pour it over the drain. Leave it for an hour or so and pour some hot water. You can repeat it twice, if you think there are still clog has left over, by doubling the amount. You can also leave the baking soda and the vinegar to work overnight, when you do not use your sink, for better results. A useful technique for the kitchen’s sinks, where food is trapped. Feel free to use any chemical drain-cleaning product that is on the market, if the methods described above will not help.

Unfortunately, there are times when even the best product cannot clean a clogged pipe. Then it is time for a housewife to turn to a drain repair. Again, if you are handy with plumber’s snake it should be easy. By simply removing the grease trap or the clean-out plug that is under the sink, try to clean the clogged pipe. In order to clean it you will need something sharp to break the clog, if you cannot remove it otherwise. It is quite a messy job, so you will have to be prepared to wear some gloves. When it comes to drain repair you have to be very careful especially if you use chemical drain cleaning products to unclog the pipe. It is better to call a plumber, when nothing you have done seems to be working than try to repair the drain by yourself. A plumber possesses all the necessary equipment for drain repair. In addition, will know better what is needed to be done.

Problems like these may occur now and then naturally because of the everyday use. However, there is a general rule that prevents pipes to clog so often and keep them in excellent condition. If you do not want to clean a clogged drain, you may want to consider cleaning it with baking soda once or twice a month. This will clear the drain if any clogs begin to gather and water will flow normal. Apart from cleaning the drain, it is also useful to clean the stoppers, too. Hair is usually trapped there and if not removed, can cause a clog.

In any case, always keep in mind that the household must be cleaned also in places that cannot be seen and that is one reason why we do not pay attention to them. Traditional drain cleaning suggestions are helpful most of the time, but not always. If you do not want the plumber to become a frequent guest at your house, you better adopt these easy and smart ways and make your life too, easier.